Tuesday, July 1, 2008


जीवन हम मनुष्यों का
भटकन और थकन
चुभन , जलन , तपन
आलोड़न और विलोड़न
फ़िर भी आनंदमय .
मन डरता है मृत्यु से
जो हमें बैकुंठ पहुँचा
सकती है , उस शक्ति से
हमें इसी तपन की चाह है
हम संसाररूपी मृगतृष्णा के प्यासे
भ्रमण का आधार ढूँढ़ते रहते हैं
बिना इसके आनंद कहाँ ?
राजमहलों में रहनेवाले भी
यायावर बनना पसंद करते हैं ,
क्यूंकि भ्रमण में उल्लास है
विश्राम में शैथिल्य
एक आकांक्षा पूरी होने के बाद
हम दूसरी को बनाते हैं
संजोते और संवारते हैं
फ़िर उसके लिए
व्यथित ही रहते हैं


naman said...

This poem and many others writen by you more often present the negative part of life that is quite obvious to the readers. A new type can be tried out which ends in 'finally everything gets better and ok' type of situation. This might be inspiring for people who will proceed coping with all odds with the hope that his/her struggle will end in a successful journey.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to have an end like-"FINALLY EVERYTHING GETS BETTER AND OK".
But what the poem portrays is the way everyone has become.
There is no feeling of being content. Its like one keep on wishing things, keep worrying about them.
Its to make us know how this beautiful life has become, so dynamic that there is no time for respite. No time for our own.

We dont live our lives anymore. We are mere slaves to our ambitions and wishes.

Its no negative stuff. But very apt to our way of living.